About us

The Blindenschrift-Verlag und -Druckerei gGmbH “Pauline von Mallinckrodt” is a world-wide acting non-profit institution producing printed Braille media for private customers as well as companies.

Despite the trend of digitalisation,  braille printing has remained of central meaning for the blind until today. Like some people who preferre printed books rather than e-books, some blind people want to  feel a text. Furthermore, media such as forms, calendars, business cards, flyer etc. are not digitalised. That is where we come in.

Our Services

To our readers we offer a wide range of printed literature in Braille. No matter which genre; we cover them all! And if your book of interest is not listet in our catalogue, we will be happy to print your individual copy.  Apart from other Braille publishers, our focus concentrates on religious texts including theological scripts as well as church lyrics, musical scores, biographies, autobiographies, or secondary literature.

For companies or public institutions we manufacture all Kinds of info material in Braille: be it business cards, forms, signs, etc.

Private and businesse customers may notice that our specialties lay on the following four subjects:

  • religious literature and life-aid
    bibles in different languages, religious texts, texts for meditation, prayer and hymn books, reference books etc.
  • knowledge and entertainment
    nonfiction books, novels, tales, short stories, children´s books and books for young people and special magazines
  • magazines
    reports about the catholic work with blind people, about religion and church matters, science and current affairs as well as magazines for children und young peple
  • support in everyday life
    calendars, appointment books, cookery books, frequency register, imformation brochures, mailing lists,  writing paper etc.

The publications are delivered globally.

Our Orderers

At the moment, we have over 3000 customers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other countries.

Moreover we supply libraries, institutions for further education etc. with books for blind people.

Our History

1845 The first publications in a touchable relief writing (roman Unzialen) were used to produce teaching material for bilnd pupils. Pauline von Mallinckrodt foundet an Institut for These children in the same year.

1896 The Braille System, developed by Louis Braille, replaced the relief writing.

1947 After the old publishing house had been destroyed during World War II, the printing could be resumed. Now the copying of the texts was done with a „Drucktiegel“ (platen).

1966 The publishing house moved to a new building.

1983Tthe publishing house became a non-profit company with limited liability. Partners were „Die Schwestern der christlichen Liebe“, and the „Deutsches katholisches Blindenwerk“ (DKBW).

1986 The computer-assisted text-processing was introduced. Books and newspapers are digitally registered. They are either converted into Braille via a special software or directly typed via Braille keyboard.

2001 „Deutsche Katholische Blindenwerk“, as the only partner of the Company, became the owner of the printing office.

Today, all computers in the offices are networked and have access to the internet.

For the printing of the texts both metal sheets are still in use as well as a new printer that prints the texts immediately on paper. To allow the adaption to modern publishing, further investments are necessary.

The production of Braille printed media is very expensive as the editions are small. In order to cover the costs, we gain financial support from DKBW and donations only.

For further information about the publishing house and its founder, Pauline von Mallinckrodt, do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to send you catalogues also in braille.

Blindenschrift-Verlag und -Druckerei gGmbH
„Pauline von Mallinckrodt“
Graurheindorfer Str. 151a
53117 Bonn

Phone: +49 (0) 228 559 49 – 20
Mail: info@pader-braille.de
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